SENKO Production

The SENKO manufacture covers 2000 m2 production lines and area. We use advanced CNC machines with 40 specialised employees. They manufacture cookers, stoves and fireplaces of high quality. The whole unit is a complete round up: we have our own new products development department, preparation of components for laser cutting; CNC aided welding process of boilers, installation and an advanced laboratory for quality control and product testing. We established the latter in 2008 since we wanted to meet the high EU regulations regarding quality for our products (standards EN 12815, EN 13229, EN 13240, EN 14785). Thanks to those investments SENKO products are manufactured and developed in accordance to European norms and are equipped with the CE marking and the Declaration of Performance.

A special division in the SENKO system is the department for new products development. Our engineers cooperate with the Faculty of mechanical engineering and naval architecture (Laboratory for thermodynamics and heat transfer equipment) to develop new solutions. In this department we also finalize our current products so they are efficient and environmentally sound.

Of course there has to be a quality management system to lead and manage the manufacture and business process and we established such a system a few years ago. Since then our company operates according to the ISO 9001:2008 standard.